Big or small, the companies Triton Logistics serve span just about every industry. Satisfying a client base as diverse as ours has allowed us to become shipping, tracking, and importing experts worldwide.

Management and entertainment companies rely on us to get their time-sensitive items through customs. We’ve gained the trust of marketing agencies who need reliable ways to ship regulated trade show items. And importers of alcohol trust us to make sure their highly restrictive inventory gets where it needs to go. There are many more industries we serve, all with growing companies that need inventory delivered reliability and on-time.

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Major industries we serve:

  • Duty Free

  • Manufacturers

  • Telecommunications

  • Electronics

  • Spirits, Beer and Wine

  • E-commerce

  • Airlines

  • Banking

  • Marketing Agencies and Printers

  • Event management and entertainment

Wine bottles

Wine and Spirits Logistics

Triton Logistics specializes in local and international shipping of wine and spirits. We can obtain Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) waivers, pay duties on liquor (DBPR), store alcohol in our Free Trade Zone bonded and temperature-controlled facility, and fulfill orders of wine and spirits. We can also kit and package liquor and wine for campaigns and product rollouts.

Our wine and spirits services include:

  • Distributing inventory locally or internationally

  • Warehousing inventory

  • Providing packaging services

  • Paying duties on liquor wine and beer (DBPR)

  • Storing inventory in a bonded, Free Trade Zone facility (FTZ)

  • Acting as Importer of Record on a global scale

  • Fulfilling orders

  • Obtaining Certificate of Label Approval waivers on samples (COLA)

  • Kitting liquor for campaigns and rollouts

  • Providing salesman samples from multiple cases

  • Consulting on admissibility requirements for: U.S. Customs, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

Duty Free and Travel Retail Logistics

We also know our way around this growing global industry. When selling goods to international travelers, different rules apply in certain jurisdictions. Our expertise helps companies keep sales — mostly in airports — rolling without a mishap.

Our duty free and travel retail services include:

  • Distributing domestically and Internationally

  • Special airport delivery

  • Delivering trade show packages

  • Handling time-sensitive booth and premiums

  • Distributing tasting supplies

  • Handling all other time-sensitive services

  • Delivery to duty free stores

  • Paying duty and duty free merchandise shipping

  • Airport Activations & Special Events

  • Storing displays and merchandise

  • Provide store sampling products

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