You’ve worked so hard satisfying your customers this year, now’s the time to show your appreciation for their loyalty with a gift that’s unique to you.

Triton Logistics’ Seasonal Shipping and Fulfillment services help you say thank you by receiving, repacking, wrapping and delivering seasonal gifts on your behalf. We even take customized requests, so every detail spot on for your clients during this important time of the year.

The holidays are coming. Don’t be late with your holiday wishes.

Trust your seasonal kitting to Triton Logistics. Let us assemble, wrap and deliver your customers’ holiday gifts on time and with your personal regards. Make plans today.


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Holiday Kit Production

Triton Logistics Seasonal Kitting services allows you to ship items from around the world to a central location where we assemble them into kits for delivery just in time for the holidays.

Here’s what you can expect from Triton Logistics’ Kitting Seasonal service:

  • Client-customized kit assembly

  • Mass distribution. No maximum on any order

  • Kit services for all items, not just alcohol

  • Reliable kitting for specific delivery deadlines and instructions

  • Complete-box assembly and production

  • Multiple-step kit production capability

  • Outer and inner packing for your kit

  • Fulfillment of kits to multiple destinations globally


One of our Travel Retail clients needed to send holiday gifts to all of its top customers in Latin America, but they needed each gift to include several unique items arranged just so. They ordered some products from China, other promotional materials from California, and special spirits from the U.S. Then they had them shipped to Triton Logistics, where we packaged and wrapped them according to the client’s specifications and got them in the hands of their customers in time for the holidays. Now our client relies on Triton Logistics to send a special holiday message to their best customers year after year.

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