Your Importer of Record (IOR) should be as reliable as you are. Trust the worldwide experts at Triton Logistics to handle your precious cargo — wherever on earth it needs to be shipped.

It’s our job to make sure your imported merchandise complies with all customs and legal requirements. So, we act as the legal owner or purchaser of goods to secure the necessary permits and licenses to provide you with an effortless customs clearance.

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Triton Logistics takes care of the details. Especially the tiny ones.

Triton Logistics’ network of local trading companies and partners takes responsibility of receiving the shipment, so your merchandise can navigate seamlessly through customs clearance and on to the final consignee.  Here’s what we do for you:

  • Create reliable importing service around the globe

  • Deliver merchandise to your destination market

  • Manage business-critical inventory levels in country

  • Provide hassle-free customs clearance

  • Pay all duties and taxes necessary

  • Secure all licensing and authorizations required


Your Success Is Ours

A major multinational corporation recently shipped some promotional items for a trade show to Mexico with a popular U.S. based shipping company. The items got stuck in customs, as they had no idea they would need a textile permit to clear promotional hats and t-shirts.  What they needed was a locally-based trading company to act as their Importer of Record. They contacted us and, with Triton Logistics’ local network of trading companies, their packages cleared customs in no time — and just as important — made it in time for their trade show.

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